Summer 2017 embraces colour therapy to soar en plein air in the dreamy shades typical of the Lulu collection and its It pieces, reinterpreted in the light of colour shades and their effects. Multiple textures, endless graphics in a high-impact symphony of motifs for which mixing is fundamental. Little BBs wear flared, below-the-knee skirts together with leggings, and all is illuminated by gingham details that pop up everywhere and combine with striped or dotted patterns. Pants are cropped and inspire all the materials in the collection. There’s a craze for flower- or sweet-shaped pins which decorate all the models, creating a truly unique, on-trend look. A novel Candy in shades of lacquer red, off-white and royal blue. The main features are sweet motif prints – the same sweet shape seen on pins – and a dreamy new look in polka dots and denim. Lots of bows and frayed hems brighten denim, which is also used for little short-sleeved jackets. There are also plain-coloured or fine-striped fleece jackets. Jersey and cotton fleece take centre stage for a colourful, light-hearted, fun mood. The tempting Marshmallow describes a hot season made up, ça va sans dire, of candy pink, milky-white and lemon-yellow shades. A sugary emotion that alternates patterns of delicious bon-bons and pretty bows for polite, refined young ladies. Denim, denim and more denim. Ultralight, it teams with lace and joins sailor stripes to become a real must-have in the wardrobe, to choose and wear freely. A contagious urge for lightness pervades White&Blue with a refined and chic, minimal and simple petite crosière style to fly – really – in the most intense summer atmosphere in shades of white, blue and indigo. A-line short jackets and blousons, all in the most classic nautical combinations. Plus tiny jacquard stars for shorts and small jackets. And taffeta, both ginghamprinted and plain-coloured. LULU’S
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