So Twee

Pop art attack: pop prints and colourful patterns for a funny, easy, OTT style that bursts into the So Twee SS 2017 collection with a cheeky dose of brio and light-heartedness. Dynamic like a vibrant sound interpreted in comic-book motifs and videogame graphics, which become a recurring theme for short dresses, shorts and T-shirts, for a bubbly summer. There’s an antithetic mixture of simple, clean shapes and strong, often contrasting, colours and patterns. Yellow with white and mélange grey distinguish the Smile theme. Shaded fuchsia with red and a softening touch of white delineates the more romantic Heart, whose pixelated print brightens jersey and fleeces. There are script-motif mini dresses whose super-short lines give a nod to a sportswear look. Details and textures of baggy sweaters and micro shorts are studied and revamped with a lightheartedness that becomes a mock erroneous touch. On everything, pop-inspired patches are pinned on clothes, like a shower of happiness and daylong smiles. Denim is a must; it plays with the inspirational theme and takes on colourful hues. It’s decorated with cuts and rips to become the ideal companion for delicate multicolour or brilliantcoloured T-shirts showered with rhinestones. The sweatshirt world embraces technical fabrics and is embellished with meshes featuring sporty details such as striped ribbing. Meshes are also key players on the little bomber jackets, dresses and skirts. Completing the look: glittery sneakers and slip-ons with heart-shaped patches for a long, long summer!
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